Google Ads Services

Google Ads have a notorious reputation of being expensive and hard to use. Whether you are looking for a helping hand to optimise your campaigns or a professional ad copy written, let us provide and guide you with the right service and the right price for you! 

Pricing Plan


The first step to finding out what to change is a comprehensive audit. We will use industry-standard tools and experience to conduct a full audit on your website and ad accounts set up.

Audits reports can also be generated for: SEO & Facebook Ads.

Free Audit

SGD 0 / Report
  • 1 Report in PDF
  • 5 Days Delivery

Basic Audit

$ 20 / Report
  • 1 Report in PDF
  • 3 Days Delivery
  • Include Actionable Insights

Professional Audit

SGD 40 / Report
  • 1 Report in PDF
  • 3 Days Delivery
  • Include Actionable Insights
  • 30-Minute Video Review

Enterprise Audit

  • Unlimited Reports
  • Include Actionable Insights
  • Video Review
  • One-to-One Video Call

Pricing Plan


Google Ads is the best way to maintain your brand presence for both your customers and appearing in front of potential leads. It is more than just selecting keywords, so do find out how you can optimise and implement a proper campaign set up.


$ 20 / Request
  • Keyword Research (For Campaigns)


$ 60 / Request
  • All Starter Features
  • Ad Copies Refresh (3 Ad Copies)
  • Extensions Creation


$ 100 / Request
  • All Premium Features
  • Campaign Structure Refresh
  • Audience Selection


$ 600 / Request
  • All Business Features
  • 1 Month Account Management
  • Strategy Formulation

Pricing Plan


If you are looking to have copywriting that is optimised for conversion for your Google Ads ad copies, we have the services designed such that you only need to pay for what you need, nothing more.


$ 10 / Request
  • Copywriting for 1 Ad (Google/FB)


$ 30 / Request
  • Copywriting for 3 Ads (Google/FB)


$ 60 / Request
  • Copywriting for 6 Ads (Google/FB)


$ 180 / Request
  • Copywriting for 18 Ads (Google/FB)

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We also offer a full-suite of digital marketing solutions that are tailored for small businesses. You are supported by digital marketers that are currently working in the industry and quality freelancers that boast impressive portfolios.

In short, you are able to benefit from agency level support at affordable rates in Singapore. Be sure to check out for other digital marketing services that we provide!

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