Paid SEO Audit

Find out what is preventing you to earn the top spot on Google SERPs and what you can do make that happen!



Anyone can create a website and we believe anyone can conduct an SEO audit with the right knowledge and tools. However, you may find it to be time-consuming or lack the full suite of expertise to do a full audit perfectly.

The paid SEO audit will be conducted by a professional and we will break down and bring you through the report. You will receive the completed audit and understand what is doing well, what are the areas to improve and identified SEO opportunities that you can start capitalising on immediately. Additionally, we are best suited to give you advice and answer your questions to navigate the ever-changing landscape of Google's algorithms

Finally, you can use this audit for yourself or hire others to start on the changes that gave been listed in an organised manner.

Our paid audit service consists of 3 main phases.

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the foundational audit that must be conducted. It contains checks on technical SEO (site redirects, SSL, indexation, sitemaps, robots.txt, call to actions, design, page speed, schema markup), On-Page SEO and highlights the main areas to improve.

Foundational SEO

Phase 2

Phase 2 is an in-depth performance analysis of your pages with the use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Here you will find out which keywords you are ranking for currently, the effectiveness of these keywords and new areas to improve on.

Keywords Inspection

Phase 3

Phase 3 encompasses an in-depth SEO competitor analysis to see what your competitors are doing. In this part of the report, you will receive a set of keywords that your competitors might be overlooking and start taking action to rank in the pages immediately.

Competitor Analysis



We offer the free checklist to assist small business and SEO professionals to conduct an in-depth analysis of your site's SEO efforts. However, why should you pay for an audit when you can get a checklist for free?

Firstly, the audit will be done by an experienced SEO professional with years of experience doing audits. Nothing will be missed when it is done professionally.

Secondly, the free checklist only covers mainly Phase 1 of the foundational audit. The paid audit will grant you insights into keyword analysis of your current sites and identification of new areas to improve on. This can only be replicated with years of conducting SEO.

Lastly, when you are paying for an audit, you are not just getting a document. You will be building a channel with us for you to clarify your doubts as we answer your questions and needs one-by-one.

Experienced SEO Professional

The audit will be conducted by an professional that will make sure that everything is documented.

Rare Insights

You will get the full Phase 1 to 3 explained to you, without needing to spend hours figuring out.

Genuine Relationships

We are in to build relationships and solve your problems. Ask us anything about the audit!



What is the importance of SEO? In short, it is to increase the organic rankings of your website on search engines. 

Your customer goes through a series of moments to gain trust with your brand before finally selecting to purchase from you. You would want to be with them throughout the journey to establish that relationship, be it providing useful tips or making it easy to purchase from you.

This is where SEO comes in to complement your other marketing strategies. If your potential customer sees your advertisments and searches for your brand, it is important that your website appears in front of them. That’s not all! You would want to be there for them when they are comparing between your competitors and you or when they simply need to know how a product or service works.

Next, when your potential customers enters into your website, it should load fast and accurately no matter which device they are on. This depends highly on the technical SEO portion which is also an equally important portion to take note.

The SEO audit, free or paid, will ensure that your site will be visible and is in accordance to Google’s guidelines. Our keyword strategy will also guide you to achieve a higher ranking for keywords that you can actually compete on. If you have a website that has been neglected for a while, this audit will come in handy to assess your next steps.


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