Best Bubble Tea in Göteborg : Forida’s

When it comes to Bubble Tea, it is true that Asians really do love them. Being in Göteborg for my exchange, I have been on the hunt for the best bubble tea in Göteborg and I have found it! First, for the uninitiated, here is what bubble tea is!

It is a unique amalgamation of fragrant tea and unique toppings like tapioca pearls, all in one cup and you can taste the goodness through a straw. Originating from Taiwan, Bubble Tea has taken over the world as a dessert, a treat or even a meal on its own. In Singapore, Bubble Tea is so popular that we have a whopping 5 brands in a single shopping centre. However, things are in fact different in Europe, where bubble tea shops are limited and often overpriced when converted back to Singapore Dollars.

I am so glad to have found a quality bubble tea shop that tastes like home: Forida’s.

While on my exchange, finding a store that sells good bubble tea is so difficult. We wanted one that had quality tea that has been brewed with effort, toppings that are fresh and at a decent price. In the city of Goteborg where we spent almost 4 months here, I am so glad to have found a quality bubble tea shop that tastes like home: Forida’s. After trying multiple bubble tea shops, the best bubble tea in Göteborg has to be Forida’s!

Upon entering Forida’s, you will not feel like you are in Göteborg, Sweden anymore. The decoration is steeped in Asian merchandises from kimonos to Chinese ornaments. On the right, you can see the bubble tea station where the owner operates in. In front of it, there are seats for waiting customers.

How to Order Best Bubble tea in Göteborg

Simply walk in and locate the ticket number machine! Obtain your ticket and wait for your queue number to be called. As this seems heavily like a 1-woman operation, every order is made before the next!

What Bubble Tea to order in Göteburg

First, decide on what size you want! There are 2 sizes, small for 40kr and the large for 50kr. The large can be a little filling so pace yourselves.

Menu of Forida’s Bubble Tea

As seen in the picture above, you first choose the type of tea you want. There is Green Tea, Red Tea, Oolong, Lemonade and Milkshake. For Green Red and Oolong Tea, you can choose if you want the milk to be added. My top pick for the best bubble tea taste in Göteborg is the Oolong Milk Tea where the notes of the Oolong tea leaves can be tasted with every mouth, something even the big bubble tea chains cannot achieve on a consistent basis.

Next, there are the toppings! With every cup you purchase, there is 1 serving of toppings of your choice. With over 19 choices, you can go crazy and choose your favourite from apple to guava to passionfruit. If you don’t know what to choose, go for the traditional tapioca pearls! If you are getting the large cup, be sure to add another set of toppings for the ultimate guilty pleasure.

Lastly, enjoy the process of the assembly of ingredients that is your bubble tea! There are specific machines that are imported from Taiwan that measure and dispenses the sugar syrup, shakes your bubble tea and more! The store owner is so friendly and nice so do strike up a conversation with her in Swedish, English or Mandarin!

A lovely place to relax and enjoy your Bubble Tea

Where is the best Bubble Tea in Göteborg?

Forida’s is located near Jarntorget, a short walk away from Handelshogskolan, the business school where we were studying! Take a short walk through Haga if you are coming through that direction. The directions are as below! Try it today!

Address: Linnégatan 1, 413 04 Göteborg, Sweden

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