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Digital Marketing Support for Small Businesses

We offer digital marketing support for small businesses by offering audits, strategy building sessions and services that builds your business digital marketing capabilities.


Agency-Level Support at Affordable Rates

Audit Reports

We believe in developing in-depth comprehensive audits to help identify strengths and weaknesses of your digital marketing efforts. This will help guide you through developing an actionable plan.



We all would love an extra pair of hands to help us run our business. That's why we will implement changes for you at the right price, either by ourselves or reaching to partners that can do so.



Learn from the guidance of experienced digital marketers and equip yourself with effective digital marketing skills. We don't believe in selling whole courses, simply pay for what you need!


About us

Digital Marketers By Trade

There is a rise in growth hackers & pseudo digital marketers charging exorbitant rates for courses and support that small businesses cannot afford. Media agencies are also focusing on larger accounts to secure their bottom line, ignoring help rendered towards smaller businesses.

Our mission is to provide useful digital marketing support for small businesses in the form of access to quality strategies and solutions. You are supported by digital marketers who are currently working in the digital marketing space and have taken time off to provide credible support to small businesses on top of their full time duties.

Through our combined experience, connections and support from competent freelancers, our lean structure allows us to pass cost-savings downstream and give you up-to-date best practices in the industry.

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